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Power Meal.png
Japanese Name とくせいべんとう
SNES/PSX Name Power Meal
Equipment Type Consumable Item
Description Sweet, nourishing food.
Effect Randomly heals HP, MP, or both.
Sell 1 G
Charmable Fiends Gato (Leene Square)
Cybot (Black Omen)
Dalton (Boss) (Zeal Palace)
King Dalton (Blackbird)

Ambrosia (とくせいべんとう tokusei bentō?, Deluxe Lunchbox) (also known as Power Meal in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger.

It randomly does one of the following four things when used:

  • restores 50 HP
  • restores all HP
  • restores 30 MP
  • restores all HP and MP

It can be charmed from many Fiends. Also, it can be acquired from Dorino Inn only if one does not currently exist in the inventory and so long as Marle is an active member in the party.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ambrosia, in Greek Mythology, is often depicted as conferring immortality upon whoever consumes it. Ambrosia is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Its Japanese name (as well as the artwork) refers to a "Bento, Bento being a kind of Japanese lunch box which usually stores common Japanese food items such as rice, noodles, fish or meat (amongst others). The word tokusei preceding the word bentō implies this particular bento box contains a very high quality meal inside, in other words a deluxe bento or deluxe lunch.