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Barrier Sphere

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This article is about the item which was translated as "Barrier" in the SNES/PS versions of Chrono Trigger. For other uses of the term "Barrier", see Barrier (Disambiguation).
Barrier Sphere
Japanese Name バリアボール (Barrier Ball?)
SNES/PSX Name Barrier
Equipment Type Consumable Item
Description A sphere that erects a magical barrier.
Effect Sustained magic damage cut by 1/3
Price N/A on SNES/PS
5000 G (Chrono Trigger (DS))
Sell 2500 G
Vendor Locations Reptite Village, Lost Sanctum (Chrono Trigger (DS) only)
Won From Aecytosaur,
Version 4.0,
Charmable Fiends Acid,
Free Lancer,
Zealot Mage,
and Red Scouter.
Treasure Chests Fiendlord's Keep (Middle Ages),
Mountain of Woe (Antiquity)

The Barrier Sphere (also known as Barrier in the SNES/PS version) is a consumable item in Chrono Trigger.

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