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Japanese Name Acid (アシッド Ashiddo?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
10 255 99
33 1 20
Weak Absorbs Immune
Light None None
Location Derelict Factory (2300 AD)
Treasure None
Charm Barrier Sphere
Techs Flamethrower
Counters Chemical Reaction
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Acid is an enemy that appears in Chrono Trigger. Mostly amorphous blobs of orange goop, these creatures exhibit some humanoid features such as mouths, eyes, and arms. Occasionally, they curl up into puddles, which increases their Defense. Attacking them should cause them to unfurl into the true form. Acid share similar palette forms with Alkali, Shadows, and Ion Cloud, and often accompany large groups of them in battle. The main difference is the color. Acid are orange, Shadow are purple, Ion Clouds are black, and Alkali are green.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Found in the Derelict Factory, which is located in the Future, these enemies often accompany Shadows. Impervious to physical attacks and weak to Light, it is far easier to kill Acid using Magical Techs such as Lightning, or physical Techs that deal Light damage, such as Wind Slash. In battle, Acid occasionally uses Flamethrower, which is similar in animation and damage to the Tech performed by Lucca.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Acid is a liquid compound, found in an abundance of places in a many varieties. Commonly, however, this substance is found in Alkaline Batteries and other machines, which appears to be its use here, since Acid are found in a highly advanced technological era.

Gallery[edit | edit source]