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Japanese Name Juggler (ジャグラー Jagurā?)
HP Defense Magic Defense
450 253 50
128 3 220
Weak Absorbs Immune
Fire None None
Location Fiendlord's Keep (Middle Ages)
Treasure None
Charm None
Techs Flame
Counters None
Combo Counters Fire Whirl (w/ Outlaw)
Combos None

The Juggler is an enemy in Chrono Trigger. It appears in Fiendlord's Keep during the Middle Ages. Flea imitates a Juggler when he is first battled, disguising himself under the name Flea?. Jugglers sport yellow skin, short legs, and long arms. For clothing, the Juggler wears blue pauldrons and a pink cape.

Battle and Strategy[edit]

Jugglers operate on a physical/magical defense concept. Attacking them with physical force increases their physical defense, but decreases their magic defense. Attacking with magic does the opposite. If there is an Outlaw in the same battle, the Juggler will respond with a Fire Whirl Dual Tech counterattack if the Outlaw is attacked. If the Juggler is attacked, the Outlaw will not respond.