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2300AD 1.jpg
Epoch hovers over the West Continent.
Time Period 2300 AD
Notable People Robo
Party Members Robo

The Future (未来 Mirai?) is the year 2300 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. After Lavos' emergence in the year 1999 A.D., the only remaining structures were the domed metropolises, although they are badly damaged. Those who survived the Apocalypse reside in these domed structures. No food source exists as all plants died; Lavos polluted the atmosphere, blocking the sun's rays and sending a perpetual snowstorm down on the land, which is too dry and barren to cultivate. The last existing humans rely on Enertrons, devices which keep them alive by providing them with a full night's sleep in seconds. It does not, however, help with their hunger.

Without humans to monitor them, Robots mostly control the continents, and as seen in Geno Dome, murdering them either for fun or for fuel. Mutants also thrive in the abandoned laboratories. Lavos Spawns are said to reign this era, although they are only encountered atop Death Peak. An "Elder Lavos Spawn" resides on the Black Omen in the altered timeline.

This is also the year Belthasar teleports to during the initial Ocean Palace Incident. Depressed by the destruction, he constructs Epoch, a time machine, in hopes of returning to Zeal to stop its villainous queen. Finishing the ship at a very old age, he copies his memories to a Nu and waits for someone ambitious to discover the ship and give it purpose.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Derelict Factory[edit | edit source]

Wanted by the crown as terrorists, Crono and his friends travel to 2300 A.D. via a Gate in Guardia Forest. Arriving in the desolate Bangor Dome, they quickly notice the bleak condition of the time period. Traversing the dangerous Lab 16, Crono encounters humans in the Arris Dome, including his descendant, Doan. Together, the party explores the sub-levels in search of food but finds only a single seed. Inadvertently, on a display computer, they learn of Lavos' descent and the subsequent destruction responsible for this ruined future. Vowing to prevent the cataclysm, they also learn of another Gate in Proto Dome which leads to their original time period. They then return the seed to the survivors and provided with the means by which to cross

In Proto Dome, they discover the Gate is sealed by a impassable door. Lucca repairs a robot in the dome, hoping to receive information about opening the door. The robot, named Robo, reveals that the Derelict Factory must be shut down in order to open the door. However, when they investigate the factory, Robo's robotic companions betray him and badly damage him. Shutting them down permanently, Crono's team releases the factor's power source and arrives back in the Present.

The Guru Of Woe[edit | edit source]

Sealed out of Antiquity by Schala, the heroes return to 2300 A.D. to find the Epoch, which allows them to return to Zeal. Finding the time machine in Keeper's Dome and learning more about Lavos, they travel back to Antiquity.

The Time Egg[edit | edit source]

Crono accepts a blow from Lavos to save the others present at the Ocean Palace. Teleported to Last Village by Schala, the heroes return to Keeper's Dome, searching for a way to resurrect Crono. Advised by Belthasar's Nu to find a Doppel Doll and take it to Death Peak, Crono is successfully resurrected.

Homeplace of Machines[edit | edit source]

Wondering about his past, Robo is led to Geno Dome. Soon to discover the computer that manufacturers and maintains all robots, Mother Brain, has reprogrammed all machines to annihilate humans and create a mechanical utopia free of the bondages of life such as food and water. Frustrated by this, Robo destroys several hostile robots, including Mother Brain herself, and shares a touching (and dangerous) reunion with his past lover, Atropos XR.

Native Characters[edit | edit source]

Robo is the only playable character from this era.

  • Atropos XR - A pink R-Series robot who seems to have feelings for Robo.
  • Belthasar - A Guru of Zeal who has been inadvertently sent to this era.
  • Belthasar's Robotic Nu - A robot made by Belthasar. He copies his brain into it before his death.
  • Bullfrogs - Two frogs who comically make their way through the sewers.
  • Doan - A descendant of Crono and Marle, and seemingly the elder of the Arris Dome.
  • Johnny - A robotic racer who can change from humanoid to a car-like form.
  • Krawlie - A caterpillar-like creature who resides in the Abandoned Sewers leading to Death Peak.
  • Mother Brain - Ruler of the robots and operator of the Geno Dome.
  • R-Series - Robo's reprogrammed friends who attack him at the derelict factory.
  • Son of the Sun - The guardian of the Sun Stone who resides in the Sun Temple.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]