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Absorption is a battle mechanic in the Chrono series. Throughout the game, there are certain accessories and armor that allow attacks of a certain elemental affinity to be converted from damage to health, the way a healing spell or recovery item would work. For example, while wearing the Red Mail, Lucca can convert a fire spell, such the FireBomb tech cast by a Red Scouter in the Ocean Palace from damage into hit point recovery, replenishing her hit points.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

In Chrono Trigger, absorption armor is typically obtained from Sealed Chests, only accessible after Marle's pendant has been charged by the Mammon Machine in the Zeal Palace of the Antiquity epoch. The "vest" accessories convert elemental damage into lower values of hit point replenishment than their "mail" alternatives, although both completely negate all damage done by their corresponding elemental color. Since Ice and Water are considered the same element in Chrono Trigger, the Blue Vest and Blue Mail absorb both. Electricity damage cannot be absorbed.

List of absorption items[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Unlike in Chrono Trigger, absorption items in Chrono Cross are not armor, but instead accessories. Absorption accessories can only be stolen, obtained by using Fargo's Pillage Tech on each of the Dragon Gods, as part of the Dragon Relic quest. These accessories function identically to the Chrono Trigger absorption armors.

List of absorption items[edit]