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Ioka Village Hut

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Ioka Village Hut
Ioka H.png
The Ioka Hut
Time Period Prehistory
SNES/PS Name Ioka Hut

The Ioka Village Hut is a location in Chrono Trigger. Situated in Prehistory, players trade goods here for equipment. The goods that can be traded are Fang, Petal, Horn, and Feathers. These items can be acquired from any enemy in Prehistory, but mostly from creatures that dwell in the Hunting Grounds. By offering the trader three of any of these two items, special weapons and armor can be acquired.

Give three of... ...and three of... you...
Petal Fang Ruby Gun
Petal Horn Shaman's Bow
Petal Feather Stone Arm
Fang Horn Mammoth Tusk
Fang Feather Ruby Vest
Horn Feather Stone Helm

Given that there are five party members - Crono, Marle, Lucca, Robo, and Ayla - at this point in the game, the following items are required to fully-outfit all members of your team:

  • 9x Petal
  • 21x Fang
  • 21x Horn
  • 33x Feather

After returning to Prehistory following the defeat of Magus, the trader will have upgraded the weapons he has to offer.

Give three of... ...and three of... you...
Petal Fang Dreamstone Gun
Petal Horn Dreamstone Bow
Petal Feather Magma Hand
Fang Horn Primeval Blade