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Fiends from the Chrono Resurrection Project.
Home Time Middle Ages

The Fiends (魔族 Mazoku?) (also known as Mystics in the SNES/PS version) are magical beings, originating from the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger. Only one confirmed Fiend appears in Chrono Cross, a transdimensional being with the ability to shapeshift. Her name is Sprigg. Previously believed to be a Demi-human, the art book, Missing Pieces confirmed she belongs to the Fiend family instead.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Varying significantly from one another, Fiends do have a few unifying traits. Their skin color, for instance, typically ranges from green to blue, and most Fiends have pointed-ears similar to the Elves of folklore.

Nature[edit | edit source]

Inherently magical beings, some Fiends possess the ability to cast magical spells. Some Fiends are immortal, while others live ordinary lifespans. In addition to this, Fiends carry significant differences physiologically, as there are many different species or sub-races such as Imps, Demons, and Naga. Despite these differences, Fiends are alike in that they share the same origin.

History[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Zeal[edit | edit source]

Created by powerful Zeal mages as experiments, most Fiends became servants, guards, and sometimes even jesters to their Enlightened Masters.

When Zeal falls, the Fiends scatter. With their dispersal, the ability to cast magic dies in the hands of mankind, leaving the Fiends - now the only beings still able to use magic - with no reason to continue serving their former masters. Over thousands of years, this difference grows into animosity, leading to a war against the race that formally enslaved them.

The War with the Fiends[edit | edit source]

In the Middle Ages, the fiends wage a war against humanity, with no intention of ceasing until each one is destroyed. Led by the Fiendlord, Fiends fight ruthlessly until their lord can bring to forth the ultimate weapon, Lavos, and thus ensure their victory over the humans.

Medina[edit | edit source]

In the Present, the only remaining group of Fiends live in Medina Village on the East Continent, where they await the return of the Fiendlord. After Magus is defeated in the past, the timeline changes so that the villagers now pray for the return of Ozzie, Magus' second in command. After Ozzie's defeat in his fort, the timeline changes again so that the surviving Fiends are now allies of mankind.

Notable Fiends[edit | edit source]

There are many notable Mystic characters in Chrono Trigger:

Forces[edit | edit source]