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List of Chrono Cross characters

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This article is a list of characters for Chrono Cross. For other lists of characters, click here.

This article is a list of characters that appear in Chrono Cross.

Main Characters[edit]

Name Career Age (Sex) Origin Height Weight Build Dominant Side Innate
Serge Silent Protagonist 17 (M) Arni 5'7" 128 lbs. Ordinary Right White
Kid Mysterious Traveler 16 (F) Unknown 5'5" 99 lbs. Slender Ambidextrous Red
Lynx Feline Demi-human 17 (M) Arni 6'4" 176 lbs. Solid Right Black
Guile Masked Magician 26 (M) Zenan Mainland 6'2" 154 lbs. Tall & Slender Right Black
Norris 'Black Wind' Leader 26 (M) Porre, Zenan 5'10" 137 lbs. Average Right Yellow
Nikki Rockin' Bard Superstar 19 (M) S.S. Zelbess 6'0" 115 lbs. Thin Right Blue
Viper Lord of El Nido 57 (M) El Nido 6'7" 216 lbs. Solid Right Yellow
Riddel Lady of Viper Manor 24 (F) El Nido 5'7" 104 lbs. Slender Right White
Karsh One of the 4 Devas 27 (M) El Nido 5'11" 159 lbs. Solid Right Green
Zoah One of the 4 Devas 28 (M) El Nido 6'3" 203 lbs. Mammoth Right Yellow
Marcy 'Diva' of the 4 Devas 9 (F) Zenan Mainland 4'9" 84 lbs. Smallish Left Blue
Korcha Fisherman & Ferryman 16 (M) Guldove 5'6" 123 lbs. Thin Right Blue
Luccia Scientific Genius 28 (F) Zenan Mainland 5'9" 97 lbs. Thin Right Black
Poshul The 'Wonder Dog' ??? Unknown (F) Arni 3'8" 26 lbs. Roly-poly Unknown Yellow
Razzly A Forest Fairy Unknown (F) Water Dragon Isle 3'7" 11 lbs. Tiny Unknown Green
Zappa Obstinate Blacksmith 52 (M) Zenan Mainland 5'8" 181 lbs. Solid Right Red
Orcha Fiery Cook 44 (M) Guldove 5'7" 203 lbs. Chubby Right Red
Radius Arni Village Chief 62 (M) Zenan Mainland 5'8" 119 lbs. Thin Right Green
Fargo Pirate Captain 40 (M) Unknown 6'0" 163 lbs. Macho Right Blue
Macha Gutsy Mother of 2 38 (F) Guldove 5'6" 150 lbs. Stout Right Red
Glenn Noble Knight 20 (M) Termina 5'9" 141 lbs. Average Right Green
Leena Sweet Country Gal 16 (F) Arni 5'5" 93 lbs. Ordinary Right Blue
Miki Dancer Extraordinaire 19 (F) S. S. Zelbess 5'7" 95 lbs. Slender Right Red
Harle Enigmatic Jester 18 (F) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Right Black
Janice Bunny-Girl Trainer 22 (F) S. S. Zelbess 5'7" 104 lbs. Plumpish Right Red
Draggy Cute Baby Dragon 0 (M) Fossil Valley 2'2" 265 lbs. Tiny Front-left Red
Starky A Stray 'Gray' Unknown (M) Another Planet 2'11" 11 lbs. Alien Ambidextrous White
Sprigg Lovable Old Lady 224 (F) Dimension Vortex 4'4" 86 lbs. Dwarfish Left Green
Mojo Cursed Voodoo Doll Unknown (M) Far East 6'3" 20 lbs. Waistless Unknown Black
Turnip A Total Vegetable 3 (M) Hermit's Hideout 4'4" 62 lbs. Round Right Green
NeoFio A 'Flower Child' 5 (F) Viper Manor 4'0" 44 lbs. Undefinable Omnidextrous Green
Greco Psychic Ex-Wrestler 33 (M) Zenan Mainland 6'7" 271 lbs. Heavy Weight Right Red
Skelly Skeleton Clown 32 (M) Zenan Mainland 6'2" 51 lbs. Boney Left Black
Funguy Mushroom Man Unknown (M) Termina 6'0" 66 lbs. Light Right Yellow
Irenes Late Zelbess's Sister 16 (F) The Ocean 5'10" 115 lbs. Mermaid Right Blue
Mel Doodling Brat 10 (F) Guldove 4'3" 84 lbs. Thin Right Yellow
Leah Cave Girl 6 (F) Gaea's Navel 3'5" 71 lbs. Infantile Ambidextrous Yellow
Van Penny-wise Artist 14 (M) Termina 4'11" 88 lbs. Smallish Left Green
Sneff Aged Illusionist 53 (M) Unknown 5'6" 139 lbs. Ordinary Right Yellow
Steena Shrine Maiden 24 (F) Guldove 5'9" 110 lbs. Tall & Slender Right White
Doc Village Physician 27 (M) Zenan Mainland 5'9" 146 lbs. Ordinary Left White
Grobyc Cyborg Assassin 26 (M) Unknown 6'8" 301 lbs. Bionic Right Black
Pierre Self-proclaimed Hero 23 (M) Termina 5'11" 130 lbs. Weakling Right Blue
Orlha Gladiatrix Barkeep 23 (F) Guldove 5'5" 119 lbs. Muscular Left Blue
Pip Guinea Pig Experiment Unknown (M) Viper Manor Lab Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown White (Changeable)

Important Non-playable Characters[edit]

Other Non-playable Characters[edit]