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Yu and Mi

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Yu and Mi
Yu (bottom) and Mi (top)
Japanese name ユウ, ミイ
Career Dancers for The Magical Dreamers
Gender Female
World Both
Innate Element

Yu (ユウ?) and Mi (ミイ?) are two minor characters that appear in Chrono Cross. In Another World, these twin girls are a part of Nikki and Miki's musical tour group The Magical Dreamers in Termina (Another World) as back dancers. In Home World, they are still members of The Magical Dreamers, but much like the rest of the group in Home World, they are now working for Fargo aboard the S.S. Zelbess.

While they are merely support for Nikki and Miki who are the main attractions of the tour, they dream of one day getting to appear as the main stars on their own stage. In the image to the right, Mi is the girl in green on the top (facing downwards) and Yu is the girl in blue on the bottom (facing upwards).

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Their names might be a reference to the English pronouns "you" and "me".

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