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Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

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Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack
Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack cover
Soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda
Released December 18, 1999
Genre Video game music
CD info 3 CDs
Label DigiCube
Producer Yasunori Mitsuda
Soundtrack chronology
Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time

The Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack (クロノ・クロス オリジナル・サウンドトラック?) is the official soundtrack of the music from Chrono Cross composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The soundtrack spans three discs and 67 tracks, covering a duration of 3 hours. It was published by DigiCube on December 18, 1999.

Disc 1 ("Beginning") Disc 2 ("Succession") Disc 3 ("Change")
  1. "Chrono Cross ~Scars of Time~"
  2. "Between Life and Death"
  3. "Arni Village ~Home World~"
  4. "Fields of Time ~Home World~"
  5. "Dancing the Tokage ~Lizard Dance~"
  6. "Reminiscing ~Unerasable Memory~"
  7. "On the Beach of Dreams ~Another World~"
  8. "Arni Village ~Another World~"
  9. "Ephemeral Memory"
  10. "Lost Fragments"
  11. "Drowned Valley"
  12. "Termina ~Another World~"
  13. "Departed Souls"
  14. "Forest of Illusion"
  15. "Viper Mansion"
  16. "Victory ~A Gift of Spring~"
  17. "A Child Lost in Time"
  18. "Guldove ~Another World~"
  19. "Hydra Marshes"
  20. "Fragment of a Dream 2"
  21. "Voyage ~Another World~"
  22. "Ghost Ship"
  23. "Death Volcano"
  24. "Fortress of Ancient Dragons"
  25. "Grief"
  1. "Beginning of a Dream"
  2. "A Narrow Space Between Dimensions"
  3. "Termina ~Home World~"
  4. "The Dragons"
  5. "Voyage ~Home World~"
  6. "Guldove ~Home World~"
  7. "Marbule ~Home World~"
  8. "Zelbess"
  9. "The Splendidly Grand Magic Troupe"
  10. "Nap"
  11. "Chronomantique"
  12. "Dilemma"
  13. "Optimism"
  14. "Isle of the Dead"
  15. "Dead Sea/Tower of Destruction"
  16. "Prisoners of Fate"
  17. "A Light for Lost Hopes"
  18. "Island of the Earth Dragon"
  19. "Navel of the World"
  20. "Gale"
  21. "Victory ~A Cry in Summer~"
  22. "Marbule ~Another World~"
  23. "Magic from the Fairies"
  24. "Etude 1"
  25. "Etude 2"
  26. "Magical Dreamers ~The Wind, Stars, and Waves~"
  1. "Garden of the Gods"
  2. "Chronopolis"
  3. "Fate ~The God of Destiny~"
  4. "Jellyfish Sea"
  5. "Burning Orphanage"
  6. "The Girl Who Stole the Stars"
  7. "The Dream that Time Dreams"
  8. "Dragon's Prayer"
  9. "Tower of Stars"
  10. "Frozen Flame"
  11. "Dragon God"
  12. "Dark Realms of Time"
  13. "Life ~A Distant Promise~"
  14. "Reminiscing ~Unerasable Memory~"
  15. "Radical Dreamers ~Unstolen Jewel~"
  16. "Fragment of a Dream"

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