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Depths of the Night

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"Depths of the Night", also known as "At the Bottom of the Night", is a piece of music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda for the game Chrono Trigger. It is the third track on the third disk from the original soundtrack. The song appears after "Tyranno Lair" and before "Corridor of Time". The Kilwala at the Snail Stop in Porre plays this song upon request. Additionally, the song plays in the Cursed Woods as Frog reminisces about the loss of his friend, Cyrus. The song plays again when Robo reunites with Atropos XR in Geno Dome, as part of The Fated Hour sequence of sidequests. The song will play at the End of Time, when the party members inform the old man of Crono's death. In the DS release, the song is heard when the Shade clones of the party members are encountered.