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Critical Moment

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"Critical Moment", also titled "A Shot of Crisis" (危機一髪 ,Kikiippatsu?), is a track composed by Yasunori Mitsuda for the game Chrono Trigger. It is the thirteenth track on the third disk from the original soundtrack. Playing at moments of crisis in the game, the track first appears when Lucca helps Crono flee from the Prison Towers, moments before his execution. The track appears again in the Derelict Factory of the Future. After Robo deactivates the mainframe computer responsible for power in Proto Dome, the party flees the factory, battling through its many defenses. While this occurs, "Critical Moment" plays. Again, the track appears as the party escapes from their holding cell aboard Dalton's airship, the Blackbird. The song is played in a 4/4 time signature.