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Chrono Symphonic

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Chrono Symphonic
Chrono Symphonic cover
Soundtrack by Various artists
Released January 3, 2006
Genre Video game music
CD info 2 CDs
Producer OverClocked ReMix

Chrono Symphonic is an unofficial tribute album released by OverClocked ReMix as a tribute to the score to Chrono Trigger. As its name implies, all the tracks are orchestrated versions of the songs that appear in the game. The album was released on January 3, 2006. There are a total of 25 tracks spanning two discs.

Development[edit | edit source]

Chrono Symphonic started in October 2004 and was finished in January 2006. It was originally designed to be the soundtrack for a fan-made Chrono Trigger movie, the album contains 18 different artists' takes on the way such a film should sound in an orchestral setting.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

Disc One – Fire/Light[edit | edit source]

# Title Original Tracks Used Artist(s)
1 Inciting Incident A Premonition, Chrono Trigger sephfire
2 Morning Sunlight Morning Glow, Peaceful Days, Yearnings of the Wind, Depths of the Night sephfire & SirRus
3 Blue Skies Over Guardia Guardia's Millennial Fair DarkeSword
4 To Lands Unknown Strange Occurrences, The Fiendlord's Keep Sleepy Emp
5 Darkness Dueling Battle LunarHeart
6 Lucca's Arrival Crono & Marle - A Distant Promise, Battle, Magus Confronted Zas
7 Revelation of Fire The Hidden Truth, Singing Mountain Claado Shou
8 Hymn of Valor Guardia Castle - Pride & Glory, Yearnings of the Wind, Frog's Theme Red Omen
9 Frog's Intervention Frog's Theme ellywu2
10 Denadoro Climb Yearnings of the Wind PLBenjaminZ
11 The Masamune Frog's Theme ellywu2
12 Darkest Omen Black Omen mv
13 Confronting the Mystic Magus Confronted, Lavos's Theme sephfire
14 Door to the End of Time At the End of Time, Frog's Theme, Yearnings of the Wind, Lavos's Theme, Peaceful Days Blake Perdue

Disc Two – Shadow/Ice[edit | edit source]

# Title Original Tracks Used Artist(s)
1 Manifest Destiny Corridor of Time SirRus
2 Schala and the Queen The Last Day of the World, Schala's Theme, Corridor of Time, Magus Confronted, The Final Battle ellywu2 & pixietricks
3 The Third Guru Sealed Door, The Epoch - Wings of Time Claado Shou
4 Beneath the Surface Ocean Palace Rellik
5 The Rising Ocean Palace, Magus Confronted, Schala's Theme DarkeSword
6 Crono's Dream Morning Glow, Peaceful Days DarkeSword
7 The Chrono Trigger Depths of the Night, Crono & Marle - A Distant Promise Russell Cox
8 A Parting of Ways Magus Confronted Unknown
9 The Last Stand Battle, Battle 2, Boss Battle 1, Boss Battle 2, The Final Battle, Chrono Trigger RoeTaKa
10 The New Beginning Peaceful Days, Guardia's Millennial Fair, Frog's Theme, People Seized With Life (Chrono Cross), The Frozen Flame (Chrono Cross/Radical Dreamers) Sleepy Emp
11 To Far Away Times Outskirts of Time Reuben Kee & pixietricks

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