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Ghost Children

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In Chrono Cross, the Ghost Children are the ghosts of Crono, Marle, and Lucca that first appear to Serge in the Dead Sea. There, they accuse him of negating all their hard work to save the future and thwart Lavos. Miguel then cryptically dismisses them as echoes from ones far gone, they disappear with the destruction of the Dead Sea. They were next seen in Terra Tower, with Belthasar in the illusory Viper Manor library he created.Crono's ghost asked Serge whether he had the Chrono Cross yet, and noted that it could heal the dimensions. Later, before Serge made his final voyage to the Darkness Beyond Time, they appeared on Opassa Beach and amazingly revealed much information about Project Kid, Belthasar's planning, and Serge's ultimate purpose in using the Chrono Cross to free Schala from the Lavos. During the conversation, Lucca's ghost even interacted with Kid as if she were the genuine article. The children then ushered Serge on.

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