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El Nido Triangle

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A ship in El Nido Triangle.

The El Nido Triangle (海月海 , Kurage Umi, lit. Jellyfish Sea?) is a location in Chrono Cross. It is a mysterious patch of ocean located between three rocks known as "Triplet Isles" in southern El Nido.

Story[edit | edit source]

The mythical Dragon King Palace was rumored to be near the area. The legend regarding the El Nido Triangle was intensified after Starky's ship crashed there in both dimensions; onlooking fishermen reported a mysterious beam of light and a proliferation of star-shaped stones. Further investigation revealed a layer of air beneath the sea that allowed exploration of the sea floor without any equipment. This was caused by Starky's crashed ship's emanating a special force field. In Another World, the ship survived intact, and Starky retrieved an anti-gravity device and his StarStruck Tech from it before venturing to Terra Tower. In Home World, Porre took an interest in the happenings at the Triangle, and dispatched a small expedition to the area. They did not return due to unknown circumstances.

Info[edit | edit source]