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Statue Cleaner

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Statue Cleaner
Viper Statue Man.png
Statue Cleaner
Japanese name {{{Japanese}}}
Career Statue Cleaner
Age Elderly
Gender Male
Origin N/A
World Another World
Height Average
Weight Average
Build Average
Laterality Left
Weapon N/A
Innate Element N/A

Statue Cleaner is a character in Chrono Cross. Since his real name is unknown, he has been unofficially dubbed as the Statue Cleaner. In the north-most region of Termina, the Statue Cleaner dedicates his time solely to polishing and cleaning a statue of General Viper. He wears green clothes and a green hat and appears to be very old. It is assumed he is left-handed since he always washes the statue with that hand. Planning to take Pierre or Guile as a guide to Viper Manor requires speaking to this man first and learning of the history of the man whose sculpture he cleans. Oddly enough, Nikki can be recruited as a guide without doing so.

Although General Viper never plays a large political role in the Acacia Dragoons, he never failed to mention Termina in disputes, which lead the people of the city to respect him greatly. Viper was incredibly saddened by the terror in Porre and resigned from his position.