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List of Chrono Cross bosses

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This article is a list of bosses for Chrono Cross. For list of Chrono Cross enemies, see List of Chrono Cross enemies.

This article is a list of bosses that appear in Chrono Cross.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Innate Color Location(s) Found
Aquator Blue Terra Tower
Anemotor Green Terra Tower
Black Dragon Black Marbule (A)
BlueMoaman Blue Viper Manor Bluffs (A)
Bunyip Red/Black Fort Dragonia (A)
Criosphinx Yellow Earth Dragon Isle (H)
Dario Black Forbidden Island (H)
Dark Serge Black Fort Dragonia (H)
DeadHead Black Isle of the Damned (H), S.S. Invincible
De-Hydrate Black Hydra Marshes (A)
Earth Dragon Yellow Earth Dragon Isle (H)
Fargo Blue S.S. Invincible
FATE Black Chronopolis
Flea Red Bend of Time
Garai White Isle of the Damned (H)
Giant Gloop Blue Fort Dragonia (A)
Gravitor Black Terra Tower
Green Dragon Green Gaea's Navel (H)
Grobyc Black Viper Manor (A)
Guillot Yellow Viper Manor (A)
Harle Black Hermit's Hideaway (A)
Hell's Cook Red Viper Manor (H)
Highwayman Black Dead Sea
Hi Ho Tank Yellow Water Dragon Isle (H)
Hydra Yellow Hydra Marshes (H)
Karsh Green Cape Howl (A), Mount Pyre (A)
Ketchop Red Viper Manor (A)
KingMoaman Black Viper Manor Bluffs (A)
Luxator White Terra Tower
Marcy Blue Viper Manor (A), Mount Pyre (A)
MegaStarky White Sky Dragon Isle (H)
Miguel White Dead Sea
Neo-N-Bulb Green Viper Manor (A)
Orlha Blue Guldove (A)
Ozzie Green Bend of Time
Pentapus Green Hydra Marshes (A)
Peppor Yellow Cape Howl (A), Fossil Valley (A), Shadow Forest (A), Viper Manor (A), Mount Pyre (A), Isle of the Damned (A)
PolisPolice White Chronopolis
Polly Red S.S. Invincible
Pyrotor Red Terra Tower
Radius Green Arni (H)
RedMoaman Red Viper Manor Bluffs (A)
Roachester Blue Viper Manor (H)
RoyalJelly Blue El Nido Triangle (A)
Sky Dragon White Sky Dragon Isle (A)
Slash Blue Bend of Time
Solt Yellow Cape Howl (A), Fossil Valley (A), Shadow Forest (A), Viper Manor (A), Mount Pyre (A), Isle of the Damned (A)
SunOfAGun White Fort Dragonia (A)
Taurusoid Green Fort Dragonia (A)
Terrator Yellow Terra Tower
Time Devourer (Terra Tower) White Terra Tower
Time Devourer White Opassa Beach, Darkness Beyond Time
Tyrano Red Gaea's Navel (A)
Vita Duo Green Sea of Eden
Vita Tres Blue Sea of Eden
Vita Unus Red Sea of Eden
Wingapede Green Hydra Marshes (A)
Zoah Yellow Shadow Forest (A), Mount Pyre (A)