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Harle (Boss)

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This article is about the boss. You may be looking for the character .
Japanese Name ツクヨミ (Tsukuyomi)
Location Hermit's Hideaway
Type Human
Gender Female
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
400 Black
Attack Magic Attack
32 10
Defense Magic Defense
10 5
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
PhotonBeam MoonGlasses
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
PhotonBeam MoonGlasses
Absorbs Immune
564 G

Harle is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. She is found at Hermit's Hideaway where she burns down Radius' house, hoping to prevent him from sharing his knowledge with Serge and thus revealing her plot to retrieve the Frozen Flame for the Dragon God.

She is an optional boss that has Moonglasses as both a rare drop and a rare steal. Stealing them is a good idea, as the accessory is impossible to come by through other means. It is also possible, though difficult, to get 2 Moonglasses from this battle - one as a steal and the other as a drop. The battle against Harle can be avoided if Serge assists Fargo with fending off the undead sailors of the Ghost Ship before visiting the elderly Acacia Dragoon on his island refuge.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

While battling her, she frequently casts the White Element, PhotonBeam, which is also a common drop should she be defeated. Should the player avoid retrieving the Moonglasses, Harle can be destroyed in a single round, through the use of Buffs that raise physical attack. The ideal party for this encounter is Serge, Guile, and Glenn, but any party can successfully destroy with the following tactics.

Before entering the battle, allot the Green Element, EagleEye, to a level one grid spot on a character other than Serge. Similarly, equip Red Strengthen to the other non-Serge party member. It is inadvisable to include Luccia in this battle, since her Hit Rate is low, potentially prolonging the battle longer than necessary. Only include Mel if the player wishes to Snatch Moonglasses, although bringing Kid along is a safe bet. Bringing Glenn not only ensures optimal damage can be done to her without missing, but the tech X-Strike can be useful showed the Hit Points of party members reach a critical low. Including Glenn also adds additional dialogue to the encounter.

Switch to the character holding it immediately upon entering the battle, strike Harle once with a physical blow, and cast EagleEye on Serge. Next, switch to the third party member. Again, strike Harle once and cast the Strengthen on Serge. At this point, his accuracy and physical attack power are maximized. Next, consume all of Serge's stamina, save one point, on third level physical blows. EagleEye gives them a 100% hit rate, while Strengthen maximizes damage. Next, cast Dash&Slash. Harle should be nearly dead after this tactic. At which point, Guile or another character should cast AntiWhite on Harle, if possible, while the third party member defends. Once Serge recovers his stamina, use X-Strike with he and Glenn, or successively strike with his physical blows and cap it off with an offensive Black Element, such as Gravitonne, Pin-UpGirl, or GravityBlow.