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Fire Dragon

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Fire Dragon
Fire dragon1.png
Japanese Name 炎龍
Type None (First Appearance)
Dragon (Second Appearance)
Doppelgang No

The Fire Dragon is a boss fought twice in Chrono Cross. It is originally encountered on the way to Fort Dragonia. Later, it is fought to get the Red Relic. The first form of the Fire Dragon is a humanoid lizard, approximately one quarter the size of its larger counterpart. On its back, it sports wings, as with any dragon of lore. Uncharacteristic of dragons, however, this dragon speaks coherent English (or the basic language of Chrono Cross) and wields a spear.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

First Battle: Mount Pyre[edit | edit source]

Scouring Mount Pyre in search of Lynx and the Acacia Dragoons at the request of Kid, Serge and his friends enter a large chamber within the volcano to see a Fire Dragon stuck in the rock floor. Before they can inspect the gigantic lizard or free it (whatever their aim), a miniature Fire Dragon jumps around the bridge toward them and challenges them to a battle. In battle, the Fire Dragon will cast Brimstone or FieryBreath, two potent Red Techs which deal serious damage even to Red Innates like Kid or Greco. Focus on dealing as much physical damage as possible; reserve the use of Blue Elements such as AquaBall and IceBlast (the most powerful by this point in the plot) until 2/3 of his health are depleted. In the meantime, focus Stamina levels on keeping the party members Hit Points at decent levels and healing any Status Effects, such as Burns, with Medicine or Elements.

Second Battle: Mount Pyre[edit | edit source]

Scouring Mount Pyre in search of the red relic,Lynx and his other party members encountered the red dragon again and also commits a boss fight.Just like in the previous fight,finish the red dragon as possible.Once it is defeated,it can be observed standing and transforming to it's true form.Cast as many blue elements on him so that he won't activate the Firebreath that causes the whole party status burn and don't forget to steal the red plate because it is also useful.After he is defeated,he will give the red relic to lynx.

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