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Japanese Name ドルクレイ (doru kurei, lit. Doll Clay)
Location Terra Tower
Type Dragon
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
2200 Yellow
Attack Magic Attack
100 20
Defense Magic Defense
65 16
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
YellowField N/A
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Yellow Brooch Earth Charm
Absorbs Immune
Yellow N/A
1000 G

The Terrator is a boss fought in Chrono Cross's Terra Tower. Terrator is the first enemy encountered in the Terra Tower.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Before entering the Terra Tower, equip Serge with the Yellow Plate to absorb all Yellow Elements cast by the Terrator. For the other two party member slots, pick characters with strong physical attack and physical Techs. Kid and Fargo are ideal due to their Pilfer and Pillage abilities, otherwise, Norris, Glenn, Zoah, Karsh, Orcha, and Steena are advised.

At the beginning of the battle, cast Diminish to weaken Terrator's OmegaYellow tech. After, have a character cast Vigora on Serge. Allow Serge to dish out the brunt of the damage, while the other two alternate between damage-dealing and healing. Casting Buffs such as EagleEye and Strengthen can be beneficial.

At critical HP, Terrator can summon Golem. Bring a trap along to snag the rare Element or prevent Terrator from being able to cast it by disallowing the field from becoming entirely Yellow.

Elements and Techs[edit | edit source]

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