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Orlha (Boss)

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This article is about the boss. You may be looking for the character.
Japanese Name オルハ (Oruha)
Location Guldove
Type Human
Gender Female
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
1800 Blue
Attack Magic Attack
78 20
Defense Magic Defense
49 8
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Mythril Waist Pad
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Kung-fu Shoes N/A
Absorbs Immune
1520 G

Orlha is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. To fight her, the player must first obtain the Sapphire Brooch from her as Lynx. Later, show it to her as Serge, and she will fight the party. She joins the team afterward.

Despite being a boss, she does not provide a Level Star for being defeated.