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Black Dragon

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Black Dragon
Japanese Name 黒龍
Location Marbule (Another World)
HP Innate
3,900 Black
Attack Magic Attack
96 20
Defense Magic Defense
70 15
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
GrimReaper N/A
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Black Plate N/A
Absorbs Immune
Black N/A
2154 G

The Black Dragon is a boss appearing in Chrono Cross. Residing in Another World's Marbule, the Black Dragon is one of the six Dragon Gods that Serge and his companions need to battle to recover the Dragon Relics in order to pass through the Pearly Gates and enter the Sea of Eden, confront Lynx, and re-ensoul Serge in his original body. Obviously, the Black Dragon bears the Black Relic needed for this purpose.

Each of the six Dragon Gods can be stolen from to obtain absorption Armor (aka Plate Armor). In Chrono Cross, using Fargo's level three tech, Pillage on the Dragon Gods is the only way to obtain such items. Because of their rarity and usefulness, it is advisable to always bring Fargo along for these battles, as he is the only party member capable of stealing at this point in the game.

Strategy and battle tactics[edit | edit source]

It often causes the Status Effect darkness among the party, so BlackOuts and Panaceas are recommended. Repeated use of White Elements often results in the dragon casting AntiWhite. Because Fargo is capable of stealing the rare Black Plate armor from the Dragon, which absorbs all Black Elements cast against the wearer, it is always advisable to bring him along for this battle. Other than Lynx and Fargo, bringing along a White innate party member is advisable for maximum damage output, so long as plenty of healing elements are also allocated prior to righting the Black Dragon. Riddel and Starky are the only options. Starky's Plasma Pistol will cause the most physical damage. Riddel's potent elemental capabilities also make her prime candidate. Casting EagleEye on her at the start of the fight, or to prevent an all-Black field effect, can make her physical attacks much more useful here. Defeating the Dragon grants the summon GrimReaper and the Black Relic, one of the six Dragon Relics needed to enter the Sea of Eden.

Bypassing the battle[edit | edit source]

It is also possible to obtain the Black Relic without fighting the Black Dragon at all. If the dragon is approached in Another World's Marbule, the dragon is sleeping. Go up to it and press X and the player will simply obtain the Black Relic. To fight him, the Dragon must first be woken up by cleansing Home World's Marbule as part of a lengthy sequence involving the Magical Dreamers. To do so, the Song of Marbule must be obtained from the sage, and performed by Nikki and Miki.

The Black Dragon fight can also be avoided by bringing a party with nothing but demi-humans. However, avoiding the battle is inadvisable as the party will permanently lose one Star-Level that cannot be re-obtained through optional boss battles, causing a noticeably lower level of stats as the players reach end-game. Additionally, the ultra-rare Black Plate accessory cannot be obtained through any other method in the game, and because it can absorb Black elements, it is incredibly useful. However, if this option is tantalizing to players, bring Lynx and two other Demi-humans to avoid the fight and have the Black Dragon willingly relinquish the Black Dragon Relic without conflict. At this point in the game, possible party members that can be brought along to coax this scenario are: Irenes, Sprigg, Janice, and Razzly. Half-demi-humans such as Nikki and Marcy will not allow this option. Although technically an extra-terrestrial and not a Demi-human, the game's coding does recognize Starky as a Demi-human. Bringing him along will elicit the option to avoid a battle with the Black Dragon.

Note that bringing two demi-humans (this includes Starky for the aforementioned reasons) along to Marbule in Another World, *before* the island has been cleansed in Home World (which awakens the Black Dragon) and talking to the town's greeter will reward the player with the Valencian Cloth text-box frame. This frame cannot be acquired after the Black Dragon has been awoken.

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