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List of Chrono Cross armor

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Armor are one of three types of equipment in Chrono Cross, the other two being Weapons and Accessories. They generally increase defense, magic defense, and evade, but they sometimes have other effects such as the plate armors which can absorb elements of the same color. In general, all armor can be equipped by all characters, with the notable exceptions of Dresses, which can only be equipped by female characters, and Capes, which can only be equipped by small, children-sized characters.

Vests[edit | edit source]

Mail[edit | edit source]

Plates[edit | edit source]

All plate armor is only obtainable by Stealing them using Fargo (as he is the only character that can steal during this portion of the game) from the six Dragon Gods (Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, Green Dragon, Earth Dragon, Sky Dragon, and Black Dragon).

Each colored plate absorbs all Elemental damage of the same color, causing the wearer to be healed instead of damaged, making this armor extremely powerful.

Dresses[edit | edit source]

Note: (female exclusive):
Dresses Portrait Kid.png Portrait Leena.png Portrait Harle.png Portrait Poshul.png Portrait Razzly.png Portrait Marcy.png Portrait Janice.png Portrait Mel.png Portrait Leah.png Portrait Riddel.png Portrait Luccia.png Portrait Macha.png Portrait Miki.png Portrait Orlha.png Portrait Sprigg.png Portrait Steena.png Portrait Irenes.png Portrait NeoFio.png
Equippable by: Kid Leena Harle Poshul Razzly Marcy Janice Mel Leah Riddel Luccia Macha Miki Orlha Sprigg Steena Irenes NeoFio

Capes[edit | edit source]

Capes Portrait Poshul.png Portrait Van.png Portrait Razzly.png Portrait Draggy.png Portrait Starky.png Portrait Marcy.png Portrait Turnip.png Portrait Mel.png Portrait Leah.png Portrait Pip.png Portrait NeoFio.png
Equippable by: Poshul Van Razzly Draggy Starky Marcy Turnip Mel Leah Pip NeoFio

Special[edit | edit source]