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Ozzie (Chrono Cross)

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This article is about the Chrono Cross boss. You may be looking for the Chrono Trigger boss.
Japanese Name ビネガー
Location Bend of Time (New Game+)
Type Matter
Gender Male
Doppelgang Yes (New Game + only)
HP Innate
2000 Green
Attack Magic Attack
88 10
Defense Magic Defense
68 10
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Ozzie Pants N/A
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Antidote Tornado
Absorbs Immune
Green N/A
0 G

Ozzie is a secret boss appearing in Chrono Cross. He fights alongside Flea and Slash at the Bend of Time in New Game Plus.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Ozzie is a very defensive boss. He will frequently use MaxDefense on himself and his allies, which causes all three Mystical Knights to fall asleep, but in exchange renders the Mystical Knights immune to all forms of attack for a certain amount of time. However, while it makes the party's attacks unable to inflict damage, Ozzie and his allies will still wake up when attacked, so just be patient and repeatedly defend until this status wears off. Ozzie also uses the Tornado, OmegaGreen and OmegaBlack techs for offense.

Ozzie is extremely slow, only getting in one attack for the other two's three. As a result, it is perhaps better to leave Ozzie for second and focus on defeating either Flea (Chrono Cross) or Slash (Chrono Cross) first due to them being far more aggressive and dangerous with their attacks. Once one of them has been defeated, it will be safer to focus on him to get rid of him and his annoying MaxDefense status.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

InfoScope-5 InfoScope-4 InfoScope-3 InfoScope-2 InfoScope-1
Heal-1 LoRes-2 HiRes-1 HiRes Bushbasher+2 HealAll+2 PhysNegate+1
BatEye-3 EagleEye-2 Bushbasher Bushwhacker+3 Bushbasher+2 Carnivore+1 MagNegate+1

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