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Japanese Name カメイ (Kamei)
Type Demon
Doppelgang No

Bunyip is a boss in Chrono Cross. Found in Another World's Fort Dragonia, Bunyip guards the Black Crystal. To deactivate the device, Serge and his companions must best the Bunyip in battle. Initially appearing as a maroon quadrupedal creature, Bunyip transforms into a gooey, uni-ocular creature once its Hit Points reach a critical level. In every essence, Bunyip is two separate bosses woven into one. While Bunyip's primary Element is Red, it switches to Black in its second form, switching the rhythm of battle.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Before entering the battle against Bunyip, it is wise to allocate two trap Elements to party members - namely, ↓FreeFall and ↓Inferno. Bunyip casts these high-powered elements in its second form and first forms, respectively, and both are worth trapping for use later. Other techs to watch out for are AntiWhite, which Bunyip may cast on Serge, not only removing his primary arsenal, but preventing him reviving fallen allies. Equip an Angel Charm before battle to avoid this disaster.

That said, Bunyip's first form is easily defeated through the use of high level Blue Elements such as IceBlast, AquaBall, and Techs such as HeadButt. Caution is advised for bringing along Blue Innate characters, as Bunyip may case MagmaBomb and other offensive Red Elements. Once Bunyip's Hit Points reach a critical level, a gelatinous cyclops emerges from the creature, as if it were shedding an exoskeleton. The field of battle switches from the ruined walls of the fort, to a colorful alternate dimension. During this battle, Bunyip casts strong Elements after each turn. Each one has the potential to reduce the Hit Points of every character by half, so keep Hit Points at maximum as much as possible, especially if Serge has AntiWhite cast upon him. Allotting several HealAlls is a wise decision. Some of the strong Elements cast by Bunyip are DevilThunda, Inferno, FreeFall, and Gravitonne. Bunyip, unlike other bosses, seems to be aware that Serge is a White and will purposefully direct strong Black Elements at him. Casting White Elements such as Luminaire or MeteorShower does not seem to do added damage to Bunyip, as it would traditional Black Innates, so focus on using each party member's strongest techs and elements, regardless of Element color.

As a rare steal, both forms of Bunyip hold a ↓BlackHole. While this Trap Element can be Pilfered from it, it can easily be bought from Marbule for a mere 400 G, so it isn't really worth worrying about too much.

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Bunyips are mythical swamp-dwelling monsters in Australian cultures. Literally translating to "devil" or "evil spirit", Bunyip are described as gelatinous starfish with the ability to devour large animals whole.

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