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Japanese Name コクル (Kokuru, lit. KCl)
Location Terra Tower
Type Floating
Gender Varies
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
450 Red
Attack Magic Attack
19 15
Defense Magic Defense
40 7
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Nostrum N/A
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
CureAll N/A
Absorbs Immune
Red N/A
210 G

The Ectoplasm is an enemy appearing in Chrono Cross. Ectoplasts are purple in color, and appear as simple orbs floating in the air. Found solely in Terra Tower, Ectoplasts are never known to travel alone, and are, instead, always accompanied by a TerraTerror and a Cytoplasm.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

As mentioned earlier, Ectoplasts are always accompanied by one TerraTerror and one Cytoplasm. On infrequent occasions, however, the TerraTerror may appear alone, and has the ability to 'give birth' to both a Cytoplasm and Ectoplasm by allowing them to slide out of its body. Ectoplasts are incapable of inflicting physical attacks, and instead use offensive Red elements, such as FirePillar and MagmaBurst as their main form of attack instead. They have the ability to use Strengthen as well, which they use fairly frequently on the TerraTerror to increase its physical attack strength. Ectoplasts also possess a unique tech which they share with the Cytoplasm, which is that of Plasmabeam. They will only use Plasmabeam when the TerraTerror falls in battle, which has the potential to inflict heavy amounts of damage.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Ectoplasm is said to be formed by physical mediums when in a trance state. This material is excreted as a gauze-like substance from orifices on the medium's body and spiritual entities are said to drape this substance over their nonphysical body, enabling them to interact in our physical and real universe. In the case of the Ectoplasm enemy, it is initially unable to interact with the physical world until it is excreted from the TerraTerror's body, whereupon it is then able to inflict damage onto its foes.

The Japanese name of the Ectoplasm enemy, KCl, literally means Potassium Chloride in Chemistry terms.

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