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Loch Nest

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Loch Nest
Japanese Name ネストール (Nestōru, lit. Nestle')
Location Viper Manor Bluffs
Type None
Gender Varies
Doppelgang No

The Loch Nest is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. Found in Viper Manor Bluffs, in both Home World and Another World, the Loch Nest burrows into the craggy cliff-faces present there. As Serge and his guide into Viper Manor traverse the stony ledges to sneak into the Viper Manor, Loch Nests hop out of their black burrows and engage the party in battle. Loch Nest have two yellow eyes that peer through what appears to be a bee's nest of sorts, propped up on a twig.

Battle & Strategy[edit | edit source]

Loch Nest prefer to attack party members with Elements. Rarely, the Loch Nest will cast AeroSaucer to damage a character offensively. The most common tactic for them is to blast a single opponent with PoisonGas and wait for them to fall unconscious of the Status Effect, Poison.

Battling Loch Nest are very simple. Their Hit Points are low. Carry extra Antidotes to fend off the Poison. Loch Nest are worth defeating, as they tend to drop several Eyeballs, crafting items essential in the forging of Rods.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Loch Nest seems to be a pun of the Loch Ness Monster, a fabled aquatic lizard. Also, the enemy appears to be some sort of creature "locked" within a "nest" of sorts.

The Japanese name of the Loch Nest, Nestle, is a play on the fact that the enemy itself stays hidden by snuggling itself into the comforts of its nest.