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Poison (Status)

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Poison ( doku?) is a Status Effect in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. In both games, when afflicted with Poison, the player or enemy's Hit Points slowly drain.

Chrono Trigger[edit | edit source]

When afflicted with Poison, the player or enemy's Hit Points slowly drain. In addition, the poisoned character's physical attack power is lowered. The Poison status only lasts during battle and is automatically cured afterwards. Poison status is indicated by several purple bubbles appearing over the head of the afflicted party member(s), as pictured to the right. The item Panacea (also known as Heal in the SNES/PS version), cures the ailment. Spells used solely for curing HP such as Aura and Cure do not remove the ailment.

Ways to Cure Poison (CT)[edit | edit source]

Equipment that protects against poison (CT)[edit | edit source]

Chrono Cross[edit | edit source]

In Chrono Cross, Poison is classified as a Green status effect. When afflicted with Poison, the player or enemy's Hit Points slowly drain. In some instances, the Hit Rate or the damage of the afflicted character decreases while Poisoned. Unlike in Chrono Trigger, the poison status does not go away when a battle has ended. On the field, each step the party takes causes the inflicted character's hit points to reduce.

To remove the ailment, it is necessary to use the 2nd-level Green consumable Element Antidote, the 4th-level White consumable element Panacea, or to go to sleep (most commonly at an inn). Both Antidote and Panacea can be used to cure poison in battle or on the field. Elemental spells that cure HP, such as Tablet, Cure and Heal, do not remove the poison status. Player Character Techs such as Mix&Match or Bushbasher, and Enemy Techs such as PoisonGas cause the Poison status effect. Equipping either the Antitoxinal Cap or the Star Fragment accessories to a character will protect them from being inflicted by this status.