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Japanese Name ステイジー (Suteijī, lit. Stagie)
Location Dead Sea (Home World)
Type None
Gender Female
Doppelgang Yes
HP Innate
380 Red
Attack Magic Attack
32 10
Defense Magic Defense
18 10
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
AquaBall Deluge
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Heal Carnivore
Absorbs Immune
480 G
"I'm Richard. I'm 29. And I'm here to protest beauty pageant sexism!"
— Tragedienne "Richard"

The Tragedienne is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. With access to a vast array of powerful Elements such as Tornado, Volcano and BlackHole, they announce the Element name before casting it. The Dead Sea theatre zone features this enemy.

Dressed in hoop-skirts and pettycoats of crimson red, these spectral-like creatures have long manes of gray hair and dark skin.

Tragediennes always announce their names, and as afore-mentioned, their specialized element names at the start of battles, followed by a short introduction of themselves. They are known to sport quite a variety of names, which include Amanda, Andrea, Arianna, Carolina, Cynthia, Gemma, Jouraine, Luv, Marianella, Marijana, Movel, Petra, Renata, Shannon, Tina, Valentini and Richard.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tragediennes always appear in groups of no more than four, and are not known to appear alone. They attack by utilizing the claws on their hands to swipe at their foes for fairly heavy amounts of damage. They are capable of casting a wide variety of elements, with each unique Tragedienne only casting the element she announces at the start of the battle. Examples of such elements include Tornado, BlackHole, Volcano, Fireball, CurePlus, AquaBeam. They are also capable of utilizing special techs, which include SuckBlood, PoisonGas and BlackRain. Players who are interested in getting certain powerful trappable elements (such as Tornado and Volcano) may want to set out the appropriate traps for said elements as soon as possible in battle. This unique way of casting elements is thus extremely useful for players who wish to farm for powerful elements to outfit their characters with.

On the whole, Tragediennes should not pose too much of a challenge, and can be taken out rather easily. Caution should be exercised when facing off against Tragediennes who are capable of casting BlackHole, as said element has the potential to knock characters out in just one hit.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

Fireball CurePlus-1 CurePlus
@SuckBlood @PoisonGas @BlackRain RecoverAll+1 Volcano-1 Tornado BlackHole+1

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

The suffix -ienne is of French origin and is used to feminize nouns; this enemy's attire seems to define its gender as female. Additionally, a Tragedy is a genre of literature, popularized by playwrights. Since this enemy is female and is found in a theatre, a place where tragedies are performed, this name is very appropriate.

The Japanese name of this enemy (Stagie), on the other hand, refers to the exact location in the Dead Sea where Tragediennes can only be found, specifically that of a ruined theatre of sorts. The term Stagie is most commonly used to refer to individuals who perform on-stage for a specific number of audiences to watch, be it beauty pageants, live dramas, dance performances, and so on. Given the nature of the location Tragediennes can be found in, coupled with the fact that hints have been dropped in their dialogue to suggest that they may have been part of a beauty pageant of sorts when they were alive, the name is hence a befitting one.