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Japanese Name ティーバ (Tība)
Location Fossil Valley (Another)
Type Demon
Gender Varies
Doppelgang Yes
HP Innate
300 Red
Attack Magic Attack
43 9
Defense Magic Defense
22 22
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Weaken Elbow Pad
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
Capsule Sky Djinn Ring
Absorbs Immune
800 G

The Tutanshaman is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. These purple-colored creatures are petite in size, and possess faces resembling masks. Their headgear consists of an imperial-like band with four bells attached, and the staves they wield are topped with golden crescent moons. They can be only be found roaming the base of Fossil Valley in Another World after Lynx returns to said world with much difficulty. Tutanshamans can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Doppelgangs performed by Sprigg.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tutanshamans usually appear in twos or threes, and are sometimes accompanied by two or three Shadow Cats. On rarer occasions, they are also known to appear alone in battle. Tutanshamans attack by swinging their staves at their foes for mediocre amounts of damage, and even then, they are not known to perform physical attacks very frequently. Instead, Tutanshamans have the tendency to utilize offensive Red elements such as MagmaBurst more frequently, which is not just capable of inflicting fairly heavy amounts of damage, but also the Confused status effect onto the afflicted. On the whole, Tutanshamans can prove to be quite challenging for characters with lower magic defenses, and caution should be exercised when facing off against these adversaries

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

MagmaBomb+3 MagmaBurst+1 Ninety-Nine
Ninety-Nine-4 MagmaBomb+1 Weaken Strengthen+1 MagmaBurst+2
Volcano-5 Volcano-4 FirePillar FirePillar+1 Strengthen+1 MagmaBurst+2

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Tutanshaman is a pun of the Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, Tutankhamun. A Shaman, alternatively, is an ethnic witchdoctor or medicine man. Commonly wielding staves, Shamans reportedly practice folk magic for both healing and destructive purposes.