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Japanese Name サイドステップ (Saido suteppu)
Type None
Gender Varies
Doppelgang Yes

The Sidesteppa is an enemy fought in Chrono Cross. Sidesteppas take on the appearance of gargantuan purple-colored crab-like creatures, along with a pair of pincers positioned on their mouths. They can be found stalking the depths of El Nido Triangle (Another) and the caverns of Water Dragon Isle on two pairs of slender, sturdy legs. A Sidesteppa can also be found guarding the entrance to the Water Dragon's lair, which has to be defeated in order to enter to battle the Water Dragon and get the Blue Relic. Sidesteppas can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Doppelgangs performed by Sprigg.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

In El Nido Triangle, Sidesteppas usually appear in pairs, sometimes accompanied by Puffies or Mantarreys. They attack by stabbing their foes with the sharp edges on their legs and pincers to inflict heavy amounts of damage. Sidesteppas are also capable of utilizing a small range of Blue elements, such as IceBlast, CurePlus. Setting out the ↓Deluge trap when facing off against these foes is strongly recommended, as they are capable of using said element fairly frequently. They also possess three special techs, which are that of Multistab, JumpStart and Devour. Multistab involves the Sidesteppa in question using their legs and pincers to stab selected targets vigorously for fairly heavy amounts of damage. JumpStart involves the Sidesteppa in question launching themselves into the air before landing heavily onto selected targets for massive amounts of damage. Last but not least, Devour involves the Sidesteppa in question ingesting selected targets through their mouths and chewing them for fairly heavy amounts of damage and the Flu status effect. On the whole, Sidesteppas may prove to be difficult foes to battle against, as their physical attacks are more than capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, mainly attributed to their ridiculously high attack powers. Strong Red elements are thus advised to be used when facing off against Sidesteppas in battle to finish them off quickly.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

@Devour CurePlus+3
@Multistab @JumpStart @Devour
IceLance-1 IceBlast-2 @Multistab @JumpStart CurePlus+2