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Japanese Name ホブルム (Hoburumu, lit. Hoblum)
Location Hydra Marshes
Type Demon
Gender Varies
Doppelgang Yes (Default)
"Pretty impressive, making it through the poisoned marshes... But there be nothin' here. Get lost! Beat it!"
— SnibGoblin

The SnibGoblin is an enemy in Chrono Cross. SnibGoblins take on the appearance of dull-witted reptilian-like creatures, and have considerably strong arms and legs. Considerably taller than their shorter, more rotund-shaped companions, they can be found roaming the Hydra Marshes in both worlds.

According to Chrono Cross Ultimania, there is only one version of this monster, which is the one listed at top on the infobox to the right.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

SnibGoblins usually appear in ones or twos, accompanied by at least one SnobGoblin. A pair, consisting of one SnibGoblin and one SnobGoblin, may also be found in Another World's version of the Hydra Marshes, attempting to steal the Life Sparkle. The Life Sparkle is an item required to awaken NeoFio and subsequently recruit into the party. SnibGoblins attack with a series of punches and kicks, which inflict mediocre amounts of damage onto selected targets. They are also known to use the Green elements (Bushwhacker and Bushbasher, though they are not known to do so very freqeuntly. SnibGoblins also possess a special double tech which they share with SnobGoblins, which is that of Wallop. Wallop involves the SnibGoblin and SnobGoblin in question passing selected targets from one to other before slamming them onto the ground for fairly heavy amounts of damage. Overall, SnibGoblins do not pose very much challenge to players facing them in battle, and should be taken out fairly easily.

Element Grid[edit | edit source]

Bushwhacker Heal EagleEye-1 AeroBlaster
Bushwhacker Bushbasher-1 Bushbasher EagleEye HealAll+1

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