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Acacia SGT

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Acacia SGT
Acacia sgt.png
Japanese Name アカシアチーフ (Akashia chīfu, lit. Acacia Chief)
Gender Male
Doppelgang Yes
"Hey! Stop right there! How did you get in!?"
— Acacia SGT

Acacia SGT is an enemy in Chrono Cross. Clothed in a full suit of golden-colored armor, they wield pole-axes and tie protective headbands around their heads. Unlike their lower-ranked counterparts, their facial features and hair can be seen, whereby they are often seen with gloomy expressions and have blonde hair respectively. Assisting the Acacia Dragoons, these nameless infantrymen guard the lawns and halls of Viper Manor. The SGT in their name is the abbreviation of sergeant, a high-ranking military official. Acacia SGT's can be trapped in the Forget-Me-Not Pot and added to the pool of Dopplegangs performed by Sprigg.

Battle and Strategy[edit]

Acacia SGTs tend to work in groups of two, and are usually flanked by several lower-ranked PVTs. They fight using pole-axes, which they swing at their foes, alongside punches and kicks. Acacia SGTs possess several elements, which serve various purposes such as healing and attacking, making them rather versatile, well-rounded adversaries. They also possess a fairly strong personal tech, AcaciaBlade, which they perform rather infrequently.

Element Grid[edit]

TurnYellow CurePlus-1 ElectroJolt
Cure @AcaciaBlade @AcaciaBlade @AcaciaBlade HiRes+1

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