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Bend of Time

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Bend of Time

The Bend of Time (次元の狭間 , Jigen no hazama, lit. A Narrow Space Between Dimensions?) is a dimensionally transcendent place where one can access monsters from various stages of Chrono Cross. It is believed to behave like a Pocket Dimension. It's staffed by two Octo monsters, probably meant to represent Gaspar and Spekkio, and features architecture that resembles the End of Time. In addition to the Gates allowing battles with former enemies, the Bend of Time is also home to the Mystical Knights (Ozzie, Flea, and Slash), who reside in a room only accessible on a New Game +. They can be fought; after their defeat, the "Spekkio" Octo will allow Serge to perform a trial to receive a Dreamer's Sarong item. The competition involves running around the room a certain number of times that matches up with a number "Spekkio" is thinking of. This is reminiscent of the trial Crono and his friends had to complete to receive Magic.

Bend of Time Portals[edit]

Each portal leads to a different area