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Rosetta CC.png
Career Fairy Chief
Age N/A
Gender Female
Origin Water Dragon Isle
World Both
Height About 3'
Weight About 11 lbs.
Build Tiny
Laterality N/A
Weapon N/A
Innate Element Possibly Green

Rosetta is a character in Chrono Cross. Sister to Razzly, she is the impartial leader of the fairy colony residing on Water Dragon Isle.


Shoulder-length and wispy, Rosetta's hair is pink. She wears a blue dress with a pointy blue hat. Her eyes are green, and she is depicted as tranquil, calm and objective.


Ruling over this special breed of Demi-human, she is exclusively targeted by Dwarves (led by the Dwarf Chieftain) who wanted to invade the island and take her captive. Taken underground and brutally beaten, she is discovered by Serge and Razzly, and she presents them with a Wisp Cape. She then asks them to leave.

If Serge had not rescued Razzly from the Pentapus in Hydra Marshes, Rosetta is still abducted by the Dwarves and beaten. Upon finding her, Serge learns her last dying wish is to restore the tree at the Island's center, one that produces a very rare flower and Razzly's seventh level tech. Her Another World counterpart warns Serge the wells on the island have dried up and that the Water Dragon have become extinct.


Rosetta is the Italian variant of the name Rose, a flower popular for its scarlet petals and fragrance. Several times, Rosetta expresses her dying wish to see the flowers at the center of the Island preserved, and her name may be an allusion to this. Alternatively, Rosetta resembles Rosette, a term in botany used to describe a natural arrangment of certain plant leaves. Dandelions and Aloe plants have this leaf arrangement.