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S.S. Invincible

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S.S. Invincible
S.S. Invincible

The S.S. Invincible (天下無敵号 tenkamuteki-gō?) is a formidable pirate ship commanded by Fargo in El Nido of Another World.

Story[edit | edit source]

Its origins are unclear, though it seems to have always been under the captainship of Fargo, who prided himself on the toughness of its crew and its swiftness on the ocean. Around 1011 A.D., a major falling out occurred between the Acacia Dragoons and Fargo's family; his wife Zelbess died as a result, and Fargo maintained a serious grudge against General Viper. He subsequently employed the S.S. Invincible in the role of a pirate ship, and even fostered a legend that it was a ghost ship, able to appear with the fog and strike without warning. He evaded capture for several years while keeping abreast of news from the mainland. He also kept a pterodactyl named Polly that perched on the crow's nest of the ship. During 1020 A.D., the ship suffered an attack from a real Ghost Ship, nearly killing a few crew members. Fargo repelled the invasion with the help of Serge. Later, when Porre invaded, the ship was subdued and Fargo was thrown in Viper Manor's prison; with Serge's help once more, he liberated the ship and later repaid the favor by saving Serge from an attack on Hermit's Hideaway. The Acacia Dragoons then convened on the ship, now docked near the Sea of Eden, to make battle plans.

Info[edit | edit source]