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Kiki CC.png
Japanese name キキ
Career N/A
Age Early Adolescent
Gender Female
Origin Arni
World Home and Another
Height Short
Weight N/A
Build Slight
Laterality N/A
Weapon N/A
Innate Element N/A

Kiki (キキ?) is a minor character in Chrono Cross. Daughter of the Fisherman, famous for catching the Lion Shark, she resides in Arni Village with her mother and sister, who is older and wed. Kiki is extremely fond of Komodo Scales in Home World and Rainbow Shell Shards in Another World, causing a boy named Lolo and an Unnamed Suitor to seek these valuable crafting items to seek her affection. She shows no real affection toward these young men, and seems very concerned about her father worshiping Mojo, commenting that he was once a great fishermen. Despite the dangerous and wily nature of Komodo Pups, she keeps one as a pet in Home World.

Little else is known about her.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Kiki is the condensed form of Enriquetta, a name of Spanish origin which traces back to the English name, Henrietta, meaning ruler of the house and hearth.