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Frames (フレーム furēmu?) are obtainable items in Chrono Cross that change the pattern with which the text-box displays text. Players start with three frames already acquired, with the other 12 being items that can be found after fulfulling certain conditions, for a total of 15 frames. Note that it is not possible to get all the frames on a single playthrough, as some frames only appear in certain routes.

To switch between frames, go to "Customize" on the menu screen and select "Custom" on the "Window Frame" option.

List of frames[edit | edit source]

Starting Frames[edit | edit source]

Name Japanese name Appearance Notes
Arnian Wood アルニアンウッド Default frame.
Simple Line シンプルライン
Iron Plate アイアンプレート

Players start with these three frames already acquired, accessible at any time from the menu when on the field.

Frames that can be found[edit | edit source]

Name Japanese name Appearance Where to find
Shellfish シェルフィッシュ Inspect the merchant's cart in Home World's Arni for this one.
Tea for Three ティーフォースリー Found in Termina (Home World). From the entrance of Termina, simply head in a straight line up all the stairs without taking any detours to the left or right. You should now be in an area with a statue (which is in the process of being polished) in between two buildings. From here, search around the building to the left of the statue without heading inside using the O button. There is a person you can't see, but can talk to, and they'll give you this frame if you manage to find them.
Porre's Furnace パレポリスチーム (Parepori suchīmu "Parepori Steam"?) When you have returned to Termina after the events at Viper Manor (Another World) and after having visited Guldove for the first time, return to Viper Manor. In the library tower, there is a trapdoor hidden behind a desk that leads to a secret room. Talk to the BeachBum inside to receive this frame.
Skullduggery メメントの森 (memento no mori Memento Forest?) In Shadow Forest (Another World), use the Aroma Pouch found in a cave on the trees scattered about the forest. One of them should cause a small red sphere to follow the party. Take this red sphere to the red blob situated next to the entrance, which should cause it to hungrily chase after the red sphere. Using the red sphere as bait, bring the red blob to the 3rd screen where the Quadffid is blocking the path. If done correctly the Quaffid should automatically eat the red blob creature. The once large and fearsome Quaffid shrinks to puny size due to eatiing the red blob, and gives this frame to Serge and party in fear of its life before it runs away.
Tropical Paradise 南国日和 (nangoku biyori?) Choose not to save Kid during the events in Guldove after the first trip to Viper Manor and Macha will give this one to the party automatically soon afterwards.
Guldovian Stitch ガルドビアステッチ Choose the route to save Kid. When you have returned to Guldove in Another World after having defeated the Hydra in Hydra Marshes in Home World, choose to chase after Mel when she takes the newly healed Kid's Elements away. After this, return to Termina, see the brief story scene with Glenn, then go back to Guldove when you get back Korcha's boat, and talk to Mel. She will join the party, and give Kid this frame as a souvenir of their friendship.
Infrared Vision レッドビジョン (reddo bijion "Red Vision"?) It can be found in a chest in Fossil Valley (Home World) located behind the large animal skull on top of the cliff. Note, however, that it isn't possible to reach this area until Radius has joined the party, as the guards won't let the party pass until then.
Valencian Cloth バレンシアクロス While Serge is trapped in Lynx's body, visit Marbule in Another World with a party of all Demi-Humans, and talk to the town greeter at the entrance. He will give you this frame.

Note that this Frame is missable, as it isn't possible to get this frame after Serge returns to his own body - you must get it while playing as Lynx. You must also get it before awakening the Black Dragon.

Monster's Mouth モンスターマウス When first visiting the S.S. Zelbess in Home World, proceed with the story until Sneff transforms the party into cats. Go upstairs and enter the kitchen, and talk to the cat inside. This cat will give you this frame.

Note that this frame is missable, as it can only be acquired while the party have been transformed into cats.

Our Favorite Martian 星のおみやげ (hoshi no o-miyage Souvenir from the Stars?) To get this frame, after you have acquired the boat in Home World, go to El Nido Triangle and find the Star Fragment in a chest. After this has been done, go to the Sky Dragon Isle, climb to the top and open the chest sitting in the middle of the open field. The chest is empty, but MegaStarky will challenge you to a battle after opening it - defeat him, and Starky will join the party. Leave the screen and reenter, talk to the NPC who is walking around in this area, and he will give you this Frame.
Snakes & Orbs スネークオーブ First, go to Gaea's Navel in Another World. While exploring the dungeon you should find a Prehysteric enemy atop a tree which can be climbed using a vine - defeat this enemy to acquire this Frame.
Quill and Papyrus トラベルチャンス (toraberu chansu Travel Chance?) First, restore Marbule in Home World to its former glory by letting the Magical Dreamers play the Song of Marbule and defeating all the Lagoonates. Once Dark Serge has been defeated in Fort Dragonia (Home World) after obtaining the six Dragon God relics, Serge will soon regain his original body after having been in Lynx's body for a large portion of the game. After this, return to Home World's Marbule and enter the cave where the party fought against the Black Dragon in Another World. Talk to Toma XIV and he will give this Frame to Serge.