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Floral Rod

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Floral Rod

Razzly wielding the Floral Rod.
Japanese Name フラワーロッド
Equipment Type Rod
Description A wand made out of flowers.
Attack 19-24
Effect When fierce attacks are used, all enemies are hit. Does extra damage to Human-type enemies.
Hit % 31% (+2%)

Floral Rod (フラワーロッド furawā roddo?, "Flower Rod") is a weapon in Chrono Cross. Only Razzly can equip it. It cannot be sold or disassembled. Like all Rods, when the fierce attack is used, it attacks all enemies. In addition, the Flower Rod does extra damage to Human-type foes.

How to acquire[edit | edit source]

Don't include Razzly at the battle with the Hydra, so that Rosetta will die. After Terra Tower arises, with Razzly in the party, speak to the fairy in front of the regrown tree in the center of Water Dragon Isle (Home World), and you will receive both this weapon and Razzly's level 7 element Raz-Flower.