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Brass Rod

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Brass Rod
Brass Rod Guile (Chrono Cross).png
Guile wielding the Brass Rod.
Japanese Name ブロンズロッド
Equipment Type Rod
Description Made out of copper.
Attack 10
Effect Fierce attacks hit all enemies.
Hit % 30%
Price 150 G
Sell 135 G
Materials 1 Copper, 1 Eyeball,
1 Humour
Vendor Locations Termina (Another World
Guldove (Another World)

Brass Rod (ブロンズロッド Bronze Rod?) is a weapon in Chrono Cross. Like all Rods (aside from the Floral Rod), it can be equipped by Guile, Razzly and Riddel. It is Razzly's starting weapon.

If you choose Guile as your guide to Viper Manor and get the Dragoon's Honor there, you will receive this weapon from the fortune-teller in Termina (Another World) upon returning.

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