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An example of Luccia using a Shot to attack a Googhoul.
Equipment Type Projectile Weapon
Description A tiny projectile thrown from a distance.
Hit % Very low.
Vendor Locations Various.

Shots, and also Cards, are a weapon-type in Chrono Cross. Out of all 45 playable characters, only Luccia, Harle, Doc, and Sneff can equip them. Shots are miniature projectiles thrown by the character. In-game, shots are so tiny, they are barely discernible as bullets, pellets, or decks of cards. When thrown, the innate color of the character appears as shadows and trails around their arms. Several types of shots exist.

Because shots have incredibly low Hit Rates, it is advisable to cast EagleEye on the target using them. Luccia, for instance, possesses a large Element Grid. To balance this strength, she wields shots, which have a low success rate, lowering her chances of casting potent Elements since the only way to gain elemental levels in battle is by successfully hitting an opponent with a physical attack. Characters wielding shots have unlimited ammunition. All shots deal added damage to Floating enemies. Two types of projectiles (Stone Shot and Pack of Lies) deal extra damage to Matter and Human type enemies.

Shots and Cards (Weapon)
Equippable by: Harle Luccia Doc Sneff
Name Japanese name Attack Hit% Cost Materials Special Effects How to acquire Notes
Bone Shot ? + 6-8 Extra Damage: Floating type Not obtainable in game. Only obtainable with a cheat device.
Bronze Shot ブロンズショット + 8-10 31% 150 G 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Feather Extra Damage: Floating type 1. Shops: Smithy in Termina (Another World)
2. Luccia's starting weapon.
Steel Shot "Iron Shot"
(アイアンショット aian shotto?)
+ 13 31% 420 G 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Feather Extra Damage: Floating type 1. Shops: Arni (Home World), Smithy in Termina (Another World), Guldove (Home World), Smith Spirit
2. Doc's starting weapon.
Silver Shot "Mythril Shot
(ミスリルショット misuriru shotto?)
+ 12-16 31% 1600 G 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale Extra Damage: Floating type 1. Shops in Arni (Home World), Termina (Another World), Guldove (Home and Another World), Smith Spirit
2. Harle's starting weapon.
Stone Shot "Denadoro Shot"
(デナドロショット denadoro shotto?)
+ 16-20 32% 7980 G 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 2 Feathers, 1 Scale Extra Damage: Floating, Matter types 1. Shops in Termina (Another World), Guldove (Both Worlds), Marbule (Home World), and Smith Spirit
Private Deck "Secret Card(s)"
(秘密のカード himitsu no kādo?)
+ 12-20 33% N/A Mythril, 3 Eyeballs, 3 Fur Extra Damage: Floating type Sneff's starting weapon.
Pack of Lies "Card(s) of Lies"
(嘘のカード uso no kādo?)
+ 12-25 33% N/A Denadorite, 6 Eyeballs, 6 Fur Extra Damage: Floating, Human types 1. Treasure chest in Terra Tower
Prism Pellets "Prism Shot"
(プリズムショット purizumu shotto?)
+ 20-25 33% 24000 G 1 Rainbow Shell,
1 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1 S.Ember, 1 S.Dew, 1 S.Leaf, 1 S.Sand, 1 S.Salt, 1 S.Soot
Extra Damage: Floating type Shops in Termina (Another World), Smith Spirit