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Viper's Venom

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Viper's Venom

Viper wielding the Viper's Venom
Japanese Name 蛇骨大剣
Equipment Type Sword
Description A special triple-bladed weapon used exclusively by General Viper.
Attack 16-23
Hit % 29%
Sell N/A
Materials N/A
Treasure Chests Viper Manor (Another World

Viper's Venom (蛇骨大剣?) is a weapon in Chrono Cross. Only Viper can equip this weapon. It is found in the basement of Viper Manor (Another World). It cannot be disassembled or sold.

How to acquire[edit | edit source]

In the storage/trap room of Viper Manor in Another World, get the Decor Shield. Put it on the suit of armor lacking one. This will commence a battle with the suits of armor Man-At-Arms.

After this, you can push the statue into the open slot next to the door, however you won't be able to open it - instead Gloops will fall from the ceiling.

Later in the game, when Porre has taken over Viper's Manor, revisit this area (or visit for the first time if you haven't). After putting the Decor Shield on the suit of armor like mentioned above, go to the upper left corner of the room and press the confirm button, if you do it correctly a slot should open on the pillar. Press the confirm button again and the text box will say there's a switch inside, asking you if you wish to press it or not - choose to press it. After this, push the statue into the slot as mentioned above, and now you will be able to open the door.

Inside the door are two chests - the one on the left has this weapon - the other one has has a rare Rainbow Shell.

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