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Nikki wielding a Pick
Japanese Name ピック

Picks are a type of weapon in Chrono Cross. They can be equipped by Nikki and Irenes. Unlike many other weapon types in Chrono Cross, they all have the same visual appearance in battle, much like the Glove.

Picks (Weapon)
Equippable by: Nikki Irenes
Name Japanese name Attack Hit% Cost Materials Special Effects How to acquire Notes
Porcelain Pick ボーンピック 8 29% N/A 1 Bone, 1 Fur Nikki's starting equipment. Can be sold for 85 G
Brass Pick ブロンズピック 10 30% 150 G 1 Copper, 1 Feather, and 1 Fur 1. Shops in:
Smithy in Termina (Another World),
Guldove (Another World)
2. Rare steal from the Bulb enemy in Shadow Forest (Another World)
Can be sold for 210 G
Iron Pick アイアンピック 13 31% 420 G 1 Iron, 1 Feather, 1 Fur Shops in:
Arni (Home World), Termina (Another World),
Guldove (Home World), Smith Spirit
Mythril Pick ミスリルピック 16 31% 1600 G 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Feather, 1 Fur 1. Irenes's starting equipment.
2. Shops in:
Arni (Home World), Termina (Another World)
Guldove (Home and Another World),
Smith Spirit
Pebble Pick デナドロピック 20 32% 7980 G 1 Denadorite, 1 Eyeball, 2 Feather, 2 Fur Extra damage to Matter type enemies. Shops in:
Termina (Another World),
Guldove (Home and Another World),
Marbule (Home World) Smith Spirit
Prism Pick プリズムピック 25 33% 24000 G 1 Rainbow Shell, 2 Feather, 1 Fur, 1 S.Ember, 1 S.Dew, 1 S.Leaf, 1 S.Sand, 1 S.Salt, 1 S.Soot Shops in: Termina (Another World)
Smith Spirit