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Japanese name
Item Type Material
Price ?
Vendor Locations Termina (Home World)
Won From Komodo Pup,
Opah Fish,
Dodo (Male) (Another World),
Dodo (Female) (Another and Home World),
Stolen From Dead Beat (Rare)
Treasure Chests Cape Howl (Home and Another World)
Lizard Rock (Home and Another World)
Hydra Marshes (Home World)

The Bone (?) in Chrono Cross is a material used in forging weapons, armor, and accessories for Serge and his team.

Info[edit | edit source]

Dropped/Looted from[edit | edit source]

Stolen from[edit | edit source]

Treasure Chest locations[edit | edit source]

Element Trade Shops[edit | edit source]

Bones can be exchanged for elements in the following shop:

Weapons forged using bone[edit | edit source]

Armor forged using bone[edit | edit source]

Accessories forged using bone[edit | edit source]