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Stardust Cape

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Stardust Cape
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Japanese Name ほしくずのマント
Equipment Type Armor
Description Children's size only.
Defense 11
Magic Defense 8
Evade % 24%
Sell 1175 G
Materials 1 Bone, 1 Mythril, 2 Screw 2 Seeds
Stolen From Cupoid - Steal (Common).
Treasure Chests Lucca's House

The Stardust Cape (ほしくずのマント hoshikuzu no manto?) is armor in Chrono Cross. It can be acquired as a common steal from the Cupoid enemy found in Terra Tower or in a chest in Lucca's House.

It can be equipped by the following characters:

Capes Portrait Poshul.png Portrait Van.png Portrait Razzly.png Portrait Draggy.png Portrait Starky.png Portrait Marcy.png Portrait Turnip.png Portrait Mel.png Portrait Leah.png Portrait Pip.png Portrait NeoFio.png
Equippable by: Poshul Van Razzly Draggy Starky Marcy Turnip Mel Leah Pip NeoFio

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name of this cape is fairly similar to the Zodiac Cape from Chrono Trigger, as both have the word hoshikuzu meaning "Stardust" in the name.