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Screwy Dress

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Screwy Dress
Screwy Dress Location.jpg
The Screwy Dress is found within this chest in Dead Sea (Home World)
Japanese Name ネジのドレス
Equipment Type Armor
Description For female use only! (Or for the closet crossdresser...?)
Defense 10
Magic Defense 10
Evade % 0
Sell 7907 G
Materials 1 Bone, 1 Denadorite, 4 Feathers, 4 Scales, 2 Fur, 4 Leather
Treasure Chests Dead Sa

Screwy Dress (ネジのドレス neji no doresu?) is armor in Chrono Cross. It is acquired from a chest in Dead Sea. It can be disassembled for the following materials: Bone (1) Denadorite, (1) Feather, (4) Scale, (4) Fur, and (2) Leather. It can also be sold for 7807 G.

Only female characters can wear this armor, listed below: