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Energizer Suit

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Energizer Suit
Energizer Suit Location.jpg
The Energizer Suit is found within this chest in Hermit's Hideway (Home World)
Japanese Name わくわくスーツ
Equipment Type Armor
Description Automatically recovers HP!
Defense 8
Magic Defense 4
Effect Automatically restores the wearer's HP while walking.
Sell 3182 G
Materials 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 4 Feather, 4 Scale, 2 Leather, 1 Shiny Salt
Treasure Chests Hermit's Hideaway (Home World)

The Energizer Suit (わくわくスーツ wakuwaku sūtsu?, "Wakuwaku Suit") is an armor in Chrono Cross that can be equipped by all characters. It automatically restores the wearer's HP while walking on the field. There is only one in the game, found in Hermit's Hideaway in Home World. It can be disassembled in exchange for 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 4 Feather, 4 Scale, 2 Leather, and 1 Shiny Salt.

Name origin[edit | edit source]

The Japanese name uses the Japanese word wakuwaku which is a Japanese onomatopoeia meaning something like excitement or to be energetic.

Info[edit | edit source]