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Cloud Cape

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Cloud Cape
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Japanese Name 雲のマント
Equipment Type Armor
Description Children's size only.
Defense 9
Magic Defense 6
Evade % 18%
Sell 755g
Materials 1 Bone, 1 Iron, 2 Carapace, 2 Seeds
Stolen From Bomber - Steal (Rare),
Lantern Jaw - Steal (Rare)
Pterodact - Steal (Common).
Treasure Chests Viper Manor (Home World

The Cloud Cape (雲のマント kumo no manto?, "Cloud Mantle")}} is armor in Chrono Cross. Commonly, this armor can be stolen from Pterodact, while rarely, it can be stolen from Lantern Jaws and Bombers. Crafting materials required to make Cloud Cape are 1 Bone, 1 Iron, 2 Carapace, and 1 Seeds. It can be equipped by the following short-characters.

Capes Portrait Poshul.png Portrait Van.png Portrait Razzly.png Portrait Draggy.png Portrait Starky.png Portrait Marcy.png Portrait Turnip.png Portrait Mel.png Portrait Leah.png Portrait Pip.png Portrait NeoFio.png
Equippable by: Poshul Van Razzly Draggy Starky Marcy Turnip Mel Leah Pip NeoFio