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Bone Axe

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Bone Axe
Bone Axe (Karsh).png
Karsh wielding the Bone Axe
Japanese Name ボーンアクス
Equipment Type Axe
Description An axe made from bone.
Attack 6-8
Hit % 28% (-1%)
Sell 245 G
Materials 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 1 Fang
Won From Karsh (Boss) in Cape Howl (Another World))

Bone Axe (ボーンアクス?) is a weapon in Chrono Cross. It is commonly dropped by Karsh (Boss) in the first fight against him on Cape Howl (Another World). This is the only way to receive this weapon, as it cannot be bought or found in treasure chests, meaning there is essentially only one Bone Axe in the game per playthrough. Once acquired, it can be disassembled for 1 Bone, 1 Copper, and 1 Fang. It can also be sold for 245 G.

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